Make A Difference

Lead the way making Kansas City a greater place to live and work. Every day, KCPD officers help residents. They show up in the worst of times, giving strength to those in need. They stand out in dire times, encouraging others to rise again. They help celebrate the good times, bolstering a community that thrives on togetherness. Since 1874, KCPD officers have protected and served residents. Now, etch your name into Kansas City history.

Find Your Opportunity

As the largest police department in the region, KCPD offers officers and non-sworn employees the chance to find the perfect spot. Our specialized units are varied, highly-trained and high performing. Other area law enforcement agencies often request our specialized units to assist them. Some examples of these units include: Accident Investigation, Bomb & Arson, DUI Squad, Helicopter Unit, Hostage Negotiation, K-9 Unit, Tactical Response Teams, and Vice Investigations.

Work In A World Class City

Be in the heart of the Heartland. Kanas City is where the Midwest thrives, famous for its barbecue, jazz, and fountains. It’s where professional and collegiate sports take center stage and where the World Cup will come calling in 2026. Yes, Kansas City is global. It’s the No. 1 city in the world to work by day and play by night, beating every U.S. city, as well as Vienna, Austria, Copenhagen, Denmark, Frankfurt, Germany, and all others. Work here, Thrive here.